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4 Simple Yet Fun Baby Shower Games

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A baby shower party is the best time to gift pregnant women with baby essentials and get together in celebration for the new life to join the family. However, this party will be more fun by incorporating several baby shower games where everyone can participate.

People who will organize this event can use the following games to promote fun and bonding between friends and relatives.

Baby Bingo

Playing Baby Bingo is similar to the famous games. The difference, of course, is that the cards used for Baby Bingo has baby themes. Instead of numbers, Baby Bingo cards have names or photos of commonly given gifts during baby showers. Baby Bingo card templates are available online.

Playing the game is simple. Gifts will be collected and the star of the celebration will open them one by one. When a gift is opened, guests will mark their cards if it states the same gift. The first person who bingo will win the game.

The Name Game

This is one of the simple baby shower games to hold in a party. A letter will be drawn and guests must come up with as much names starting with the same letter. Rewards and rules can be customized according to the organizer’s preferences.

All About Babies Trivia

This is testing the guests’ knowledge when it comes to babies and stuff related to infants. The game is going to be like a quiz game with questions about babies. Questions vary from baby food trivias, baby products and others. Again, rules in this game can be customized based on what the organizers want.

The Price is Right: Baby Edition

Just like the famous game show, this game will test guests’ knowledge in terms of baby product prices sold in stores. This is also one of the simple baby shower games to conduct in events. The organizer must need to search several baby products online and then guests must guess their prices. Game rules can be patterned with the show or create a whole new set of rules that will make the game more interesting for guests.

Baby shower games make the event more fun for everyone. Other games can be found online together with other necessary items to make the game possible. Remember that games don’t need to be extra fancy since it is just an additional twist in this joyous event. Encourage everyone to participate for utmost bonding experience.

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